Copdock Classic Motorcycle Club

The Copdock Classic Motorcycle Club (CCMC) is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts for the goodwill and promotion of motorcycling. The Club has no members other than its Committee, which at present consists of 16 dedicated souls, but to actually run our events we rely on a whole army of volunteer helpers and other organisations to whom we are eternally grateful. Get involved here

Honda Classic Motorcycle Owners Club

North London HOC meet at The Kings Oak, Paul’s Nursery Road, High Beach, Loughton IG10 4AE, every Thursday from 8.30pm. Everyone is welcome, whether you ride a Honda or not. To find out more about the North London Branch, please visit their website.

Sikh Motorbike Club, UK

We are enthusiastic Sikhs who wish to simply ride our motorbikes. We are people of all ages and gender, coming from a range of professional and young learner backgrounds. The aim of Sikh Motorbike Club is to bring together biker friends old and new and explore different landscapes. We ride socially and are not in any way connected to any regional motorcycle clubs or chapters.

Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club

The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club are the UK’s premier club for Japanese bikes fifteen years old and over. The club was founded in 1982 by a small group of like minded enthusiasts, who appreciated early Japanese bikes, their style, reliability, practicality and technological achievements. Please visit their website for more details.

Whether you’re new to biking and want to meet up with like minded folk, been doing for years or you’re getting back into it but all of your old crew have hung up their lids a long time ago, then motorcycle clubs are the way forward and there are quite a few in the Romford/London/Essex area.

Motorcycle clubs have been around for decades and are generally come with added benefits such as BMF event discounts, Insurance discounts as well as discount from online stores, local dealers and accessory vendors. On top of all that clubs offer a friendly environment that allows you to enjoy biking on a whole new level.

There are so many clubs out there that cater for all different niches of rider from sidecars enthusiasts to trike lovers, large umbrella manufacturer clubs to model specific clubs. They organise ride outs, special events and are generally very inclusive. Each club will have a network of people ranging from die hard grease monkeys to casual Sunday riders and everything in between! Simply put, they are THE place to meet the most interesting bikers, have some biking banter and some bloody good rides.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about joining a club or getting into biking. We are all bikers and are happy for you to stop in for a cuppa and a chat any time!

As we said earlier, there are benefits with joining a club and we are no different. The following clubs benefit from 10% discount in our showrooms when they present their membership cards.