Honda Service Plans | 3 Fixed Price Bands

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Wouldn’t it make life simpler if the costs of maintaining your motorcycle were taken are of?

We know how hard it is to plan for the unknown. That’s why our Honda Service Plan has been designed for New Honda Motorcycles and Scooters, to maintain them in line with the Honda manufacturer’s service schedule.

A one-off, inflation-proof payment will see your Honda Motorcycle through its first 3 services and to make things even simpler, we have separated our models into 3 price bands based on engine capacity. The prices are fixed, so you know exactly how much you will be paying in advance, leaving you to get on with enjoying your bike.


What Are The Benefits?

 One Payment
One upfront payment that can be added to the Honda Finance payments if preferred.

 No Fees
No direct debit or credit card fees.

 Today’s Prices
Protect against inflation with the service costs set at today’s prices, therefore reducing the cost of ownership.

No Delay
No need to delay servicing due to other financial commitments (as it’s already paid for).

Follows Honda Service Schedule
The Service Plan follows the Honda manufacturer’s service schedule – exactly the same as 3 separate services would be.

Genuine Parts
Only Honda genuine parts are used, keeping your Honda motorcycle a Honda.

Services are carried out by trained technicians using the latest Honda software, tools and equipment.

Resale Value
If you decide to sell or upgrade your Honda, the Service Plan stays with the motorcycle, which may improve its resale value.

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