Free DataTool Tracker With Every Honda

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Every rider wants their bike to travel the world – but not without them on it. Having your bike stolen can be a nightmare, and to make things worse only around 40% of stolen bikes are recovered. That’s why we’re including a Datatool TraKKing Adventure GPS Tracker with every new Honda bike. And because we understand you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

How it works

TraKKING Adventure activates automatically when your bike is stationary, and monitors it for signs of unauthorised activity. If movement is detected TraKKING Adventure will send you an SMS. If you confirm a theft is taking place, TraKKING Adventure will enter alert mode and notify both the dedicated 24/7/365 Vehicle Monitoring Team and the Police.

Thanks to the instant notification of theft, recovery of the stolen bike is far more likely than when a theft is reported several hours after the event. For more on how TraKKING Adventure works check out the video below: