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148kW power

 MotoGP, red, black

 New engine with MotoGP design

 Motion Track TCS (Traction Control System)


Own the road and the race track.

New Engine with MotoGP Design
The GSX-R line has always been known for making broad power across the rev range, combining low-end and mid-range torque with an exciting top-end rush. The New GSX-R1000 engine is designed to produce the most top-end power without sacrificing low-end and mid-range power and torque.  To achieve the engine design target of “Increasing top-end power without losing low-to-mid range output”, MotoGP derived technologies are built into the new GSX-R power plant, using the “Broad Power System”. The combination of Suzuki Racing Variable Valve Timing (SR-VVT), Suzuki Racing finger follower valve train, Suzuki Exhaust Tuning-Alpha (SET-A) and Suzuki Top Feed Injector (S-TFI) systems form the Broad Power System designed to increase high-rpm performance and top speed without detracting from lower-rpm and mid-range performance. The result is strong, linear power and enhanced acceleration throughout the rpm range.

Suzuki Racing Variable Valve Timing (SR-VVT)
Steel balls are positioned in grooves in the intake cam sprocket and adjacent guide plate. Moved outward by centrifugal force, they stack in different grooves in low and high rpm, rotate the intake cam at high rpm, retarding intake cam timing. Intake cam timing is thus optimised for both high-rpm and low and mid-rpm ranges; extra top-end power is added, without losing low-to-mid range output.

Suzuki Racing Finger Follower Valve Train
The New GSX-R1000 valve train system is changed from the previous model’s bucket-tappet system to a finger follower rocker arm system to improve valve control and allow higher rpm. The reduced moving mass also allows increased valve lift and higher peak rpm, increasing peak output. Valve response and control is also improved throughout the rev range.

An All New Chassis
Now, the 6th-generation GSX-R1000 is redefining what it means to be The Top Performer. It embodies the life work and professional ambition of Suzuki engineers who are passionate about the GSX-R1000 and its place in motorcycle history. Men who love riding and racing, enthusiasts determined to restore the GSX-R1000 to its proper title of The King of Sportbikes. It is the lightest, the most compact, the most aerodynamic and the best-handling GSX-R1000 ever.

SHOWA BFF (Balance Free Front Forks)
The GSX-R1000 features the latest Showa BFF® (Balance Free Front) forks, which were developed for racing and have now been adapted to mass production. The Showa BFF® forks provide more consistent damping and enhanced performance, increasing cornering performance by delivering smoother, more controlled travel and improved response to surface imperfections.

SHOWA BFRC Lite (Balance Free Rear Cushion)
BFRC®* lite is the newest version of SHOWA’s Balance Free Rear Suspension, which is significantly lighter than the previous version. It minimises pressure balance fluctuations common in existing dampers thanks to its unique hydraulic circuit. As well as integration of the damping force generating mechanisms in compression/rebound sides into one which has be arranged onto cylinder’s outer surface.  As the result, smooth and optimum oil flow was achieved, which improved damping force responsiveness, offering superior traction and absorption capability.

IMU Based Electronics
The new GSX-R1000’s advanced electronic management system incorporates feedback from a Continental Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which tracks the motion and position of the motorcycle in 6-directions, along 3-axis, Pitch, Roll and Yaw. Monitoring these motorcycle motions in real time allows traction, braking and cornering control to be more precise and effective. The GSX-R1000’s IMU-based systems are a product of advanced engineering, developed in MotoGP competition.

Motion Track TCS (Traction Control System)
Suzuki’s advanced Motion Track TCS allows the rider to select 10 different levels of traction control intervention, depending upon road or racetrack conditions as well as personal preference and experience. The TCS intervention can be changed while riding, as long as the throttle is closed. The Motion Track TCS continuously monitors front and rear wheel speed, throttle position, crankshaft position, gear position, and motorcycle motion, and quickly reduces engine power output when a loss of traction is detected or predicted. Power output is controlled by managing ignition timing and throttle valve position. Motion Track TCS reads sensor input every 4-milliseconds, for precise response. And by using input from the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), the ECM can calculate the motorcycle’s motion in 6-directions (along 3-axis, Pitch, Roll and Yaw), for more precise traction control.

Motion Track Brake System
The GSX-R1000 is equipped with a new Motion Track Brake System, which works with the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). The IMU constantly monitors vehicle movement in 6-directions along 3-axes, Pitch, Roll and Yaw. Using IMU input, the Motion Track Brake System reduces rear wheel lift during very hard braking on the racetrack, and is especially effective on downhill sections of track.

Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS)
Using the S-DMS switch on the left handlebar, the rider can select three different mapping and engine power delivery settings designed to match power delivery to various weather conditions or riding on different racetracks. The rider can change the power mode while riding, as long as the throttle is closed. Note, full power is available in all three modes. The S-DMS system works with the 10-level Motion Track TCS system, offering the rider a wide variety of power delivery and control choices.

Low RPM Assist
Suzuki’s new Low RPM Assist system monitors and automatically adjusts engine rpm when taking off from a stop or riding slowly. The system makes it easier to pull away from a standstill or manoeuvre in heavy traffic.

Suzuki Easy Start System
The dual processor ECM also runs a new one-touch Suzuki Easy Start system, and an idle-speed system, which improves cold starting, reduces cold-start emissions and stabilises engine idle under various conditions, based on coolant temperature. The convenient Suzuki Easy Start System automatically starts the engine with one touch of the starter button mounted in the switch module on the right handlebar; there’s no need to hold the button down until the engine fires. Thanks to the new system, the rider doesn’t have to pull the clutch lever in to start the engine, as long as the transmission is in neutral.

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  • 36 Monthly Payments: £-
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Total Amount Payable: £-
  • Representative APR: 4.0%


£ 99.99 month

  • OTR Price: £13,295
  • Deposit: £3,000.00
  • Amount of Credit: £10,295.00
  • 48 Monthly Payments: £99.99
  • Duration: 49 months
  • Final Payment inc Option Fee: £10.00
  • Total Amount Payable: £6,878.00
  • Representative APR: 4.0%
  • Option to Purchase Fee: £10.00
  • Annual Contracted Mileage: 3,000
  • Excess Mileage Charge: £-

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