Top 5 Winter Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

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It’s important to make sure you prepare your bike for winter. Here are our top 5 winter motorcycle maintenance tips for keeping on the road this coming season.

1. Check your oil weekly

This is the basic bike check you should be doing every week. Letting your oil run low could do irreversible damage to your engine and could lead to engine seizure and your bike needing major attention. This is even more important during the cold winter months.

Maintenance: lube and adjust your chain2. Lube and adjust your chain
It’s important to not only lube your chain once a week at this time of year, but you also need to give it some attention if it’s been raining as the moisture will really affect the life of the chain. If the roads are really wet or there is salt on the roads then a good chain cleaner is also recommended!

Checking for tight spots or slackening on a chain and adjusting accordingly will also prolong the chain’s life and give you peace of mind.

Maintenance: check tyres for wear3. Check your tyre pressures, tread depths and wear
This is something you will need to keep an eye on over the year, but as the roads become wet and icy then making sure your tyres are up to scratch is possibly THE most important thing and will make the difference on slippery/treacherous surfaces.

Consult your bike’s handbook for correct tyre pressures or give us a call if you are unsure.

4. Let the engine warm up before riding
If the engine is cold then the last thing you want to do is start her up and take off – especially without warming up. This will give the oil time to get around the engine and ensure you don’t damage your bike over extended cold spells.

Think of your bike like an athlete, they wouldn’t dream of rocking up at the stadium or track without limbering up first 🙂

Maintenance: battery chargers5. Trickle chargers
If you are only doing short journeys or only using your bike on dry, bright weekends during the winter then we recommend a bike charger. Trickle chargers make sure your battery won’t go flat while you aren’t using your bike and make sure it’ll start when you need it to. We stock Optimate and other brands, so please get in touch if you have any questions regarding batteries or charging this winter/autumn.

If you need to have your bike given the once over please call our workshops, they will be happy to give you advice and assistance.