Tokyo Motor Show 2017 | What to expect

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So the season of the bike show is very nearly upon us kicking off with the Tokyo Motor Show. We’re just pondering what will come from our franchises in 2018 that will be on show at the event in Japan.


Ok, let’s start with what we DO know (beyond different colour ways in the current line ups that is). We DO know that there is going to be a new Gold Wing for 2018 which will include a model with the DCT gearbox that has been such a great hit on other models (NC750 series, Africa Twin and VFR series). This will also most likely have updated lighting, traction control, suspension (semi-active?) and a more modern styling similar to the European larger touring machines. A video was launched in September with clues, so watch this space on October 24th!

We have heard from Honda that there are two 125cc bikes or scooters coming for 2018, but there were no other details. Perhaps the most exciting (depending on how nostalgic we’re feeling) models we’ve heard about/expect to see is a Honda Cub and Monkey bike. There are rumours of a full production model and a number of concept models as is the norm at these events. With the trend towards vintage looking machines with modern features this could well be true… and if it is, it would be massive for Honda and fans of all things vintage or retro!

One of the major tech announcements of 2017 was the Honda Rider Assist machine. Based on the back end of the NC750S, the concept model (seen in the video below) can stand on it’s two wheels without support and can even move by itself behind the rider as they walk. This will likely be a loooong way off the production line, but even still, we expect to see/hear much more about this at the various conferences this Autumn/Winter. After-all Honda is well known for it’s innovation.


So far there are just on the rumours of the SV650X model being pushed around the internet. It’s a concept of sorts, but we expect a production model in 2018 for sure. The concept clearly shows the same design inspiration from the SV650 Scrambler model featuring SW Motech kit from early 2017. This time though the model is showing spot lights and dropped bars for that rugged/vintage feel.

Suzuki SV650X

Other than that, the Big S has been relatively quiet on the rumour mill, which could mean they’ve managed to keep a lid on the leaks of a new Hayabusa or they are only making minor updates to their current model range. We REALLY hope a new ‘Busa or tourer (think 1250 Bandit) is in the pipeline, so we’re going with that theory and are crossing all our fingers.

Roll on the UK events so we can start to see a few of these things in the flesh!