The versatile Suzuki Address 110

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The Suzuki Address 110 is one of the most versatile scooters we’ve seen, so if you haven’t given it any attention until now, then you may want to take note. Although it is only a 110cc bike Suzuki feels it’s much more than that and can benefit even a rider that has been on two-wheels for years as well as newbies – we tend to agree!

Suzuki Address 110 versatile

Here are three uses that will get the most out of a UK110 (Suzuki Address 110):

Suzuki Address 110 adventure! (standard model £1,799)
If you own a motorhome or caravan you could do far worse than mounting the Address 110 on a bike carrier on the back to give you more freedom once you reach your final destination. The 145mpg economy and 5.2 litre tank means you can get out and about without worrying about petrol as the scooter will deliver around 165 miles on a single tank. Perfect for nipping to the shops to pick up shopping or holiday supplies!

Taxi knowledge capable: Suzuki Address 110 (approx £1,849)
The “Taxi Knowledge” edition comes complete with a conveniently sized map board, which is big enough to hold your map without obstructing your view of the road. Plus you get a 30 litre top box, not to mention the vast space under the seat, means you can carry your layers, food, drinks and routes tucked away from the elements. Yet again the 145mpg means you will spend less while you train and can go further on a single tank.

Deliveries on the Suzuki Address 110 (approx £1,899)
With it’s short wheelbase and excellent manoeuvrability the Suzuki Address 110 allows tight turns and handeling when faced with city gridlock. The “Fast Food” edition comes complete with a 70 litre insulated top box (enough space to carry 8 large pizzas).

On top of all that the Suzuki Address 110 now comes in a limited edition MotoGP colour scheme – which we think looks the bee’s knees!