Suzuki SV650 Dealer Launch Event 2016

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A few weeks ago Suzuki invited their dealers to a launch event for the SV650. It wasn’t your usual trip to a carpark somewhere outside London either, the location resembled something more like the ones you get in the manufacturer brochures/press shots or a Hollywood high speed chase.

We found ourselves an hour outside of Barcelona in an area called Lloret de Mar. It had some wicked views as the roads wound up through some stunning Catalonian mountains. As it turned out it was the perfect place to test the new SV650! The roads were super smooth and twisty, giving us a real test for the new bike (and the competitor models Suzuki brought along for comparison).

Nick test ride 1
Out on the SV650 on the twist roads in Spain

First thing I’d say is that the once again the v-twin SV engine sounds and feels great with a warming, solid thump that brings a smile to your face instantly. For those that have ridden any of the legacy bikes with earlier SV engines you will know what I’m talking about, but with the refinements Suzuki have introduced it brings it onto another level.

The video above is from our trip. Check out the wicked windy roads!

The new instrument cluster was clear with all info visible and the riding position has also been looked at. It was very comfortable… and comfort was something that divided opinion on other SV models, but again this is an area Suzuki have addressed and the lack of saddlesore after a full day of riding was testament to that!

BreakThe bikes we rode in comparison were the Yamaha MT-07 and the Kawasaki ER6F. Both bikes that have had success over the years, but the Suzuki felt a lot more planted than both. The Yam suspension felt like soft marshmallow and gave a feeling of riding a rocking horse out of the bends. While the Kwaka felt dated and more rigid – nothing I could put my finger on, just dated. I guess being there with Suzuki made the comparison rides a bit biased, but that’s what I came away thinking. The SV650 was just a bit more bad-ass with it’s handling and power delivery than the other two Japanese bikes.

Want to find out for yourself? Our demo will be with us in the next couple of weeks. Call us on 01708 754775 for details and to book!

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Example finance (as of 08th April 2016) based on the following details:

Suzuki Low Rate Finance 6.7%
OTR £5499.00
Deposit £499.00
Balance £5000.00

4 Year PCP

£ 87.59 per month

Based on a £499 deposit
4 years (48 months)
GFV £2044.00
Final payment £2054.00

3 Year PCP

£ 103.87 per month

Based on a £499 deposit
3 years (36 months)
GFV £2217.00
Final payment £2227.00


From £ 97.84 per month

£153.25 x 36 months (3 years)
£118.58 x 48 months (4 years)
£97.84 x 60 months (5 years)
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Setting out

Local village

Test ride view

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