Supamuffs: Vintage Motorcycle Handlebar Muffs

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Handlebar muffs from another time.

Whilst digging around our stockrooms in the annual winter clear out and stock takes we unearthed some old fitting instructions for what we can only assume are from decades ago before the modern times with Desktop Publishing!

motorcycle handlebar muffs

Featuring hand drawn diagrams and word processed instructions, these ‘Supamuffs’ look to be an early frontrunner for what has become a staple in commuter winter accessories. We are of course referring to the faithful handlebar muffs. In rain, sleet, snow or icy weather – these neoprene and plastic contraptions are wind deflectors and frostbite saviours.

handlebar muffs fitting instructionsJudging by the diagram of the crash helmet it was from a while back, but we’re not sure if these were official product fitting instructions or whether one of our old employees tried to help our customers by sketching on the reverse of the instructions.

Either way it has paved the way for handlebar muffs even with a fantastic name (mind out of the gutter children!).