Stay On Board: Before It’s Too Late!

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For many years, we have enjoyed great relationships with many of our customers and we’d like it to continue.

You have probably seen the messages in your inbox, some things are changing for the better as a consumer. From the end of May many companies won’t be allowed to contact you without your express permission. Which is great if you’ve never had PPI, a personal injury claim or had a rich uncle in Africa as you can take control of who contacts you.

Many of you have been in more for a coffee and a chat than to purchase anything from us and as a family run business, we value that a lot. We also like to share the latest news and reviews with you via our email newsletter, but sadly unless you have already give consent we will have to draw a line in the sand and hope you come in again soon.

We will never sell your data or use it for anything other than sending you the latest news.

Below are links to our newsletter registration pages… let’s start afresh for 2018 together!

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