RMT rail strikes getting you down?

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Losing patience with the rail companies and the government? The impending rail strikes mean that you are most likely feeling frustrated that your hard earned money that went towards your season ticket is being abused by the rail staff. They campaign for higher wages and that’s fine, after all we all need to look after no.1. However, will that mean higher fares next time round to compensate?

We’ve written blog posts in the past about commuting by scooter or bike into London, but this focused on how biking into town can save you money. But there is another angle we didn’t look at before, namely the time spent waiting on platforms and in stationary carriages leaving you helpless in getting from A to B because the hold up is out of your hands. Scooting into work would put the time in your hands. You could get up later and get home earlier as an added bonus!

Now obviously, we understand that there are hold ups on the roads too. Unlike the commuter on the trains bikers are in control and can just take another route while the car/van drivers sit fuming and train commuters tend their farms, blast lines of candy on their phones or reread the Metro and Standard.

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Avoid rail strikes by scooter or bike:
Save time + save money = NO BRAINER

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