Clothing: Riding Motorcycles In The Heat

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(Not to curse it) British Summer Time is now in full swing, prompting most of us to reach for the summer-weight gloves and clothing. At this time many of us are tempted to wear less protective gear, we’ve all done it out of practicality and comfort. But what are the compromises you should make and which ones should you avoid?

No-one likes wearing all that heavy gear in the hot summer days, but at least we know that good old Blighty doesn’t bask in the nice weather for too long, so it’s not like it’s a thing we have to put up with for very long… doesn’t make it any less bearable though, which is why we felt the need to write this post.

Most bikers would agree wearing shorts and t-shirts (even in Ibiza or Kos) is just not a very good idea. Now I don’t want to sound like your Dad, but yes this clothing may be much cooler (in temperature) than wearing all that motorcycle protective clothing, but human bodies are extremely soft and the road/vehicles/road furniture are all much harder! But it’s your choice obviously because other than a crash helmet, there aren’t any other items that are legally required to ride a bike in the UK.

Don’t despair though, there are safe and maybe cooler (in style and temperature) options to think about.

For example, if it’s just too hot and you must wear short or lightweight clothing, be sure to pick up some armour for the impact areas – knees, elbows, shoulders, etc. These are relatively in expensive, and just secure over the top of your clothing – offering much needed protection. But we’d recommend wearing a minimum of denim jeans, gloves and a summer motorcycle jacket as an absolute minimum.

Now, that we’ve got the extreme scenario out of the way, there are other, non-boil-in-the-bag solutions you can pick up to add to your wardrobe. There are airtex style mesh jackets, kevlar/cordura jeans, short boots and gloves you can get to make your ride more comfortable. We stock a fair amount of gear from Richa, Armr-Moto, RST and more. If you need any advice please give us a call.

It’s not that we like to be kill joys or anything – we could quote skin to bone ratios, but that seems a bit drastic – just stay safe out there and we’ll sleep better for it 🙂