Riding Your Bike In Snow

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I had that sinking feeling as I looked out the window this morning, it wasn’t settling, but it WAS snowing. The question was: do I ride to work with the potential that it could start settling and then the ride home would become tricky or impossible?

Thankfully, any bad snow held off and (at the time of writing) it looks like we will all be able to ride home tonight, however, what are the things you should do/have in snowy or winter conditions to keep you warm and safe on the road?

Speedy Gonzalez?

First of all, it’s common sense to say that you should slow down, not just to improve your chances of stopping, but also for other road users to see you coming in reduced visibility. Snow is the same or worse than fog in terms of visibility so extra care is very important.

Service please!

This way you know that your brakes, tyres and battery are all in working order in case you need them.

Where’s Wally?

Don’t be like Wally. Stand out with bright, white or luminous clothing with reflective panels to get you seen. Jackets, trousers and helmets can all have reflective elements or piping that stand out when a headlight is shone on you. Job done.

Fingertip controls!

Slow reacting cold hands can be your biggest nemesis, should you need to brake or sound your horn in an emergency. Heated motorcycle clothing is a luxury most of the year, but essential in cold weather. Compared to heated grips or handlebar muffs these are worn close to the skin and are like nothing else you’ve ever tried. The heated inner gloves have heated wiring that goes around each finger. So, unlike heated grips you won’t find the tops of your hands getting cold as your digits are encased. Remember that Ready Brek ad from the 80’s?

Snowing heavily?

Don’t ride, it’s just not worth taking the chance in my opinion.

If you do think the conditions are OK to ride in then we stock a variety of heated, warm and high-vis clothing so please give us a call for details and fitting.

Photo by 1cenian