Police Launch Scooter Security Campaign

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Ok, so most of us will have seen the level of scooter related crime in the capital and the country as a whole over 2015-2017  – unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. We know several Police officers as customers and to say they have been severely restricted by laws protecting these criminal would be an understatement. They want nothing more than to be able to tackle these oiks and bring them to justice. Sadly, the law is so far preventing them from doing so in most cases. We have been reliably informed that these laws are changing and that the Police tactics are also changing. That said there’s a lot you can do as a scooter owner to massively reduce your chances of having your wheels stolen – and reduce your insurance at the same time.

The Metropolitan Police have launched a new awareness campaign to help do just this. It’s aimed at making you scooter or bike less likely to be stolen. Let’s think of the scenario: You’re a scumbag thief. You’re looking for your next bike to steal. You look at the array of bikes in a motorcycle bay. Most have a disc lock, some are chained, all are uncovered. One or two are just on steering lock. Which ones are you going to target?

The more visible the security, the less visible your scooter is to thieves!

Don’t be a victim of scooter theft. If you need help or advice with any of the security devices or tips please call 01708 746293 or 01708 754775. Also,we have a breakdown of bike alarms, trackers and other measure in our security blog post.

The campaign has three simple steps for protecting your bike or scooter:

1. Cover | Police Scooter Advice

2. Disc Lock | Police Scooter Advice

3. Lock Rear Wheel | Police Scooter Advice

Stay safe out there. Whatever you do, don’t tackle the thieves yourselves. Call 999 if your safety is in danger. Call 111 if you want to report a theft or criminal activity.