Updated: 2017 SH125i

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The SH125i has been far and away one of the best selling scooters of the past five years, so inevitably it’s due a face lift and an update of features. In essence the scooter remains much the same in terms of seating position, ABS braking, top box, impressive stop-start technology, 12V phone charging socket and an awesome MPG.

So, what’s new then? Well, Honda has been supplying keyless technology on their scooters for a couple of years internationally and it’s been on the Forza 125 in the UK for around a year. Now, this technology is coming to the ever popular SH125i bring the classic city scooter a new modern twist.

The new LED running lights in the front and rear really offers a rider the best visibility in the city, at night, poor visibility or weather conditions. An LED setup also means bulbs last longer and draw less power from the battery too meaning you get better life out of your power supply.

The comfortable scooter still handles very well (as you might expect) through busy streets and congested urban traffic – where it’s most at home. However, the larger wheel diameter means it’s more planted on A-roads and at 60mph too making it the all-rounder for London.

We already knew that over the years the SH was nailed on as one of the best commuters around and for doing the London Taxi Knowledge and in our opinion these changes bring it bang up-to-date for many more. If you hold a full motorcycle licence or even just a CBT, you could do far worse than getting a 2017 SH125i.

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