Motorcycle security: Alarms, trackers and DataTags

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Motorcycle security is consistently a hot topic in the industry and with our customers. The truth, as we all know, is that if someone wants your ride they will go to any extreme to get it. If they need bolt cutters or three accomplices to make off with it, they will. There are many products on the market that can act as a deterrent, but are they any good and do they help save bikes from being stolen? Well, one of our staff members will tell you his bike was stolen but he was one of the lucky ones.

On New Year’s Eve just as the clock chimed midnight, like most people, ‘Biker H’ was at a party watching the fireworks and singing Ol’ Lang Syne. Little did he know that his bike was being lifted right outside while the alarm was masked by the “oohs and aahs” of the fireworks. Helder had the latest DataTool Tracker fitted, but that didn’t change that sinking feeling as he returned to the spot where he parked up.

For a week, DataTool could get a feint reading from his bike, but couldn’t pinpoint the location. They theorised that the thief had it on the back of a van and most probably in a lockup somewhere. Our guess is that they were waiting to see if the bike had a tracker or not – in other words if the bike wasn’t recovered by the police in a week then it was probably not “wired”.

…where it was recovered… along with twenty other bikes!!

As soon as the police and DataTool got a clear signal they pounced. The bike had been moved from the van to the thief’s back garden where it was recovered… along with twenty other bikes!! Some were brand new bikes and they ranged from Suzukis to Hondas to Triumph to KTMs of all different types and engine sizes. It seems our tea leaf was as equally careless as he was opportunistic.

All’s well that ends well, but perhaps the bike wouldn’t have been so easily stolen had ‘Biker H’ chained it to a ground anchor or had some other measures in place and might have prevented the whole ugly affair.

However, all of these items would cost money, but a combination could make your insurance a damn sight cheaper. If you are on a Super Sport model like a GSX-R1000 or FireBlade, it could be the difference in getting insurance at all. Prices are just a guide or may differ from products in the shop and although we aren’t suggesting you buy all of them most people opt for one or two of these:

Oxford Products LocksAlarm supplied and fitted: £350
Tracker supplied and fitted: £350
Abus/Oxford top end chain: £250
Cement secured ground anchor: £60
Thatcham approved disc lock: £40
DataTag kit: £80

Total: £1,130

As we say – most people will buy maybe a disc lock or lock and chain. If you are buying yourself a new £4,000 or £12,000 bike, then any extras you buy to secure it could save loads of money on your insurance. Not to mention the massive headache of trying to recover your bike or getting public transport to work every day!!

We supply and fit Meta alarms, DataTool alarms/trackers and Road Angel trackers. The trackers are usually around £99 per year for the monitoring service which includes SMS text messages and online tools should your bike be moved when the tracker is active.

Our top motorcycle security tips

Of course, at the end of the day common sense is the key factor in all of this. Leaving your bike locked and in plain sight will help you not be prey for the common thief… but then you knew that right?!

  1. Get the best chain and lock you can afford
  2. Install an alarm or tracker (or both)
  3. Always secure to a stationary immovable object
  4. If away from home keep your bike somewhere visible
  5. If at home try to be discrete
    • (i.e. not cleaning or leaving your bike on the driveway)

If you wish to speak to us about any of the different products listed above call us and speak to Mark in Spares on 01708 746293.