Motorcycle Insurance

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Obviously, if you are buying a bike or a scooter you are going to be legally required to purchase motorcycle insurance. There are many options out there, so how do you choose the right one?

We partner with a handful of leading insurance companies that offer a valued service to many of our customers, however, quite often the comparison websites tend to give a competitive cross-section of bike/scooter insurers and premiums for you to choose from.

Motorcycle insurance additional advice

Whatever additional security devices, parts and accessories you can add to your bike to reduce your motorcycle insurance is worth consideration. These devices go beyond reducing your premium and will give you additional peace of mind too.

Alarms are there to make as much noise as possible, but be sure to select a Thatcham approved alarm like DataTool as these are the devices insurers will use when looking to reduce your premium. Supplied and fitted from £350. For further details on alarms please see our blog post on this.

Trackers can vary with costings, but essentially you can look to pay £350 for the unit to be fitted and then pay a service charge of £100 per year to maintain the careful eye on your bike. For further details on trackers please see our blog post on this.

If you can’t garage your bike (most secure option of storage), then you can always install a ground anchor, a good Thatcham approved chain and disc lock. These items will also double up when you’re out and about (well, everything but the ground anchor anyway). A ground anchor will set you back about £50-£100, a chain around £40 and disc locks £30.

Our motorbike insurance partners


For Honda Bike Insurance call 0800 089 8070 and quote reference “G917”
For Suzuki Motorbike Insurance call 0800 089 8070 and quote reference “G909”

MCE Insurance
MCE Scooter Insurance

Lexham Scooter and Moped Insurance

Motorcycle insurance comparison sites

Go Compare Motorcycle Insurance

Compare the Market Motorbike Insurance

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Confused Motor Bike Insurance

John’s of Romford is not an insurance broker or reseller and does not sell insurance on behalf of the companies listed. This is a list compiled to help our customers and readers in their search for a better deal. Good luck!

If you need any advice or have any questions please feel free to give us a call