London Taxi Knowledge Scooters

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Which scooter? (Mopeds and ‘Peds’ included)

The guide to the London taxi knowledge scooter and kit you need to pass out successfully!!

If someone has told you you need a moped (or ‘ped’) when it comes to doing ‘the knowledge’ you can’t go far wrong with a Honda scooter. Over the years, they have proven time and again their versatility, reliability and comfort when it comes to learning the ways of London’s streets. The current Honda scooter line up is no different and Honda has built on years of experience when it comes to safe city riding.

So, which scooter do I go for?

See the Suzuki scooter line up See the Honda scooter line up
Sh125i top knowledge scooter
Sh125i: The ideal knowledge scooter

The hands down #1 Knowledge bike SH125i

The Honda SH125i is the classic step through scooter. The 16” wheels make it extremely stable and safe on A roads and over bumps or potholes in town. Combined with the 4-stroke engine and ABS disc brakes (front and rear) it’s the supreme Knowledge scooter for handling and performance.

The engine uses Honda’s Stop/Start technology the engine will cut out at a junction and start again when you pull away. This feature gives you 133mpg and on a 7.5 litre tank and a range of just over 200 miles between fill ups – amazing economy no matter which way you slice it.

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PCX125 built for economy
PCX125 built for economy

The stylish city navigator PCX125

You don’t get the title of “best selling scooter in Europe” easily and the PCX gets this year on year. It’s stylish looks, LED running lights, super economy and manoeuvrability through traffic are contributing factors to this. The PCX125 also has the same engine technology as the SH125i.

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Reliability on a budget Suzuki Address 110

The Address 110 may look small on first impressions, but it still has the reliability that only Honda can deliver. The 146.9mpg is hard to match, however the 110cc engine means it’s less at home on A roads and at speed, in the city it really comes into it’s own.

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Essential Kit

taxi knowledge board assembled
Taxi Knowlede board

Being on a scooter all year round means that you will need to upgrade a few features to make your life easier. The following items are “the must have accessories” when out on the roads of Olde London Town.

1. Knowledge board

Important for your maps and notes. They come fitted free with all knowledge scooters from John’s of Romford.

2. The top box

Designed to go on the tail of your scooter, sizes vary, but even though your scooter will have some storage you can never have enough for waterproofs, etc.

3. Clothing

It sounds obvious, but making sure you have the best gear to stay warm, dry and visible on the road. This is especially essential in the winter.Spada summer pack

4. Mobile charger socket

You are unlikely to breakdown on your Honda, but heaven forbid you have a blow out or get into a scrape you can count your blessings if you have one fitted.

5. Heated grips or handlebar muffs

The grips mean your hands are toasty at the push of a button on chilly mornings/evening and the muffs minimise wind chill at speed. These are hands down winter lifesavers.