Importance of Security on Motorcycles

By Security,

Motorbikes aren’t the easiest vehicles in the world to secure. In fact, if you leave it sitting out in the open, it doesn’t take much for a determined thief to make off with your ride. Moral of the story: it’s absolutely essential to store your Motorbike somewhere safe. With the ideal being a type of motorcycle storage unit. Just remember these words — out of sight, out of mind.

Unfortunately not everyone has access to secure bike parking or a bike shed so you must ensure you do everything you can to make your bike less attractive to the common bike thief.

Jack and the kids at Learning Haven have done some research and found a very good article in Regards To different types of Bike Shed’s

If you’re like most and don’t have access to a bike Shed we suggest have a look at investing at least in some security (Lock it or Lose it ).