Honda: Commuter Scooter Options

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When it comes to saving money it’s a day-to-day battle. Whether you are comparing the price of your gas and electricity or turning the tap off while you brush your teeth, there are ways to make things better for your bank balance. Even the way you get to work. Introducing the commuter scooter!

Prices from £33.31 per month on 0% finance

If you are a London commuter, then you will know that commuting by public transport can really suck at times. But yet we keep paying the fares because we need to get to work and pay the bills. Plus, driving into work would most probably take at least three times as long and potentially drive you towards an early retirement!!

Last year we looked at the savings you could make commuting by train compared to someone commuting by scooter. The difference (depending on variable costs) over 3 years means you could save around £2,000 – which let’s face it is a good sum of money in today’s tougher economy. On top of that you can even gain half an hour in the mornings and evenings. You can leave for work later and get home earlier meaning a better work-life-balance which is not something to take lightly. Let’s face it most of us are ‘time poor‘ these days and could really do with the extra time in bed – unless you have kids and then it’s whole different story!

Commuter Scooter Finance

We’ve gone one step further this year and below we’ve listed the Honda SH125i and the Honda PCX 125 finance options – prices from £33.31 per month on 0% finance – these days that’s lower than most mobile phone contracts!

PCX125 and SH125i finance options

Please call 01708 746293 for details.

Depending on stock availability, we reserve the right to change, alter or remove this promotion at anytime.