Get On: Ride a Motorbike with Confidence

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“Get On” is a national scheme promoting the benefits and pleasure of motorcycle riding in the UK.

There is no catch and it’s completely free!!

The campaign offers new or returning riders the chance to ride a bike or scooter at their local training centre. Giving the opportunity to experience riding a bike or ‘ped without the commitment of signing up to a DAS training course or a CBT.

The idea is that you go down to the training centre and get some basic tuition. Just enough to get you moving on two wheels. Obviously, if you enjoy it you can book a course then and there. If you want to go away and think about it then you are welcome to do that too.

The scheme is great, I personally used the Get On session when moving from a scooter to a manual bike. I did my CBT and then 18 months later I wanted to begin working towards a full license, so it made sense to ride a geared bike in a controlled environment. The main thing is that you can see how easy it is to ride a bike. If you are considering changing the way you get to work or just looking for something fun to do at the weekend with your mates it’s a big thing to embark on if you aren’t 100% sure.


Whatever you are looking to get out of riding we’re confident that you will enjoy the session and be compelled to make the step up or get back on. There is no catch and it’s completely free!!

Just visit the Get On website and book a session near you today!

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