Free bike safety course for businesses

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We are ever the purveyors of safe riding, especially on the roads of London where being a commuter or courier can be fraught with hazards. Lorries, buses, vans and cyclists are to name but a few of the various other road users that can make even the safest riders take evasive manoeuvres from time to time. Therefore, brushing up on your roads skills is essential in the modern era or city riding.

Bike safety course at BikeSafe in actionHelp is at hand with a free bike safety course. TFL are part-funding an initiative with the Metropolitan Police to promote safety on the roads by offering free courses in conjunction with BikeSafe. The ‘Rider Skills Days’ course at BikeSafe-London ( is now in its 11th year, with over 27,000 riders completing these courses. The aim of these courses is reducing the number of killed and seriously injured motorcyclists on London roads.

They are now promoting these courses to businesses, in order to engage with a previously untargeted audience. This offer is open to all motorcycle riding employees using London’s roads, regardless of whether they ride for business, commuting or social purposes.

Ideally, for larger Companies, we would like to embed this promotion within the HR processes of the business.  This would allow the business to offer free courses to their motorcycle and scooter riding staff, as part of an Employees’ Benefits package. For smaller organisations, we can offer these free courses to individuals employed by a London business.

In both scenarios, employees can benefit from these free Rider Skills Days, regardless of whether they commute, ride for business or socially using a motorcycle or scooter on London’s roads.

What benefits do riders gain?

By receiving real advice from advanced Police motorcyclists (all BikeSafe-London officers are qualified Advanced Riding Instructors) riders become safer, more confident and are less likely to be involved in a road collision.

Participants also receive Certificate of Attendance, which may gain discounts from Bike Insurers, motorcycle retailers and accessory companies, as well as a goody bag containing a Hi-Vis tabard, Rider’s Handbook and Personal Protective Equipment advice.

What’s in it for my business?

The BikeSafe-London for Business offer can be promoted as a free employee benefit, to encourage safer motorcycling amongst your workforce.

Your Company’s corporate social responsibility profile will be enhanced, by reducing the chances of your motorcycle riding employees being involved in road collisions.

In addition to the human suffering of the casualty and their families, an employee involved in a serious collision significantly impacts on the staffing requirements of your business.

How does my company apply?

Anyone interested can get more information and apply for a free Voucher Code, by emailing with a subject line of ‘BikeSafe-London Corporate Promotion – JoR’.

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