Extreme Custom Honda MSX125

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Released in the UK in 2013, the Honda MSX125 is an outrageously fun 125cc bike ideal for your first bike or something to run around town on. Think of it as a city/urban monkey bike with the build quality of Honda. They are extremely popular in Thailand and the far east due to their fun styling and sheer manoeuvrability in cities with roads clogged with every type of vehicle, passenger and cargo going.

…the bike is a sight to behold, with the type of upgrades you’re likely to see on a Fireblade, GXS-R or other road going Super Bike.

Custom MSX125 - swing-armWith so many of them on the road out in the far east, the MSX has become something you really have to trick out or pimp up to standout from the crowd. It’s surprising then that more of the bikes sold here in the UK aren’t lavished with the same levels of customisation. However, one of our customers has clearly got the bug and really created a true masterpiece.


The items ‘Jay’ has upgraded on his MSX are numerous and outstanding. They range from adding a Yoshimura exhaust and R&G Racing goodies to wavy discs and braided lines. In the flesh the bike is a sight to behold, with the type of upgrades you’re likely to see on a Fireblade, GSX-R or other road going Super Bike or race replica. Somehow though, on the MSX125, it sends what is designed as an urban fun thing into the stratosphere.

Other tweaks/overhauls have been made to the swing-arm, wheels and seat. There is also a custom seat, graphics kit, carbon fibre panels and mudguards. We think it’s a thing of beauty and congratulate ‘Jay’ on a real work of art!!

Fancy doing the same? Checkout the new MSX125 here – a blank canvas by comparison, but a great bike none-the-less.

If you’re interested in tricking out any bike with a similar level of style, then give our spares department a call on 01708 726048 and you can go nuts!

Custom MSX125 - graphics, seat , handlebars


Custom MSX125 - carbon fibre panels