Performance Exhausts: Everything You Need To Know

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We regularly get asked about adding any aftermarket performance exhausts to a bike. This can be for many different reasons. Some folk are after a cosmetic improvement where they want their bike to look more sporty with an Arrow, Akrapovic or Yoshimura end can. For others it’s the noise they produce. Whether it’s to impress their mates or just make a bit more noise so other road users will be more aware they are there. Then there are some that want it all and increased performance to go with it for track days or racing.

The team at John’s of Romford have years of experience in every aspect of life on two wheels. This post has been compiled to explore the reasons, benefits and other things to think about when buying or researching a new exhaust, end can or full system.

What do our team say about motorcycle performance exhausts?

Mike, Dealer Principle:
Aftermarket motorcycle performance exhaustsPrimarily, a louder exhaust has it’s safety benefits. When fitted it means other road users are more aware of you on the road. This is important if you commute on your bike and do any type of filtering. Yes, you might have your bike running lights, high-vis fluo jacket on and be on the look out for lane changers. However, if the other drivers can hear you with an aftermarket exhaust you stand a far better chance of avoiding any hair-raising moments on the road.

Mark, Suzuki Technician:
On a 125cc bike you have to be more aware that an aftermarket exhaust could result in burning oil. Therefore, you have to pay more attention to the oil level of your bike. Generally, performance exhaust systems are for track use only. If you increase horsepower you’ll more than likely be breaking the law on any type of restricted licence. Therefore for a lot of people it’s not about improving performance or horsepower. It’s about getting the performance sound, something to impress your mates and people in the street!

Jim, Parts/Service Manager:
A new end can won’t make you go faster. There are a lot of other things that you need to do get the kind of improvements in performance you’d expect for a track day. Power commanders and air filters (among other elements) have to be considered for your bike for enhanced performance.

Nick, Ex-track Maverick:
Obviously, it’s on the track where performance exhausts really make the most difference. The clue is in the name… ‘performance’. Having said that, these days if you have an exhaust system that has been de-catted and had the baffle removed beware that if it produce noise levels around the 98db or 102db mark most tracks won’t allow you on. So, it goes without saying that you should get your exhaust system, power commander, etc setup properly by someone professionally.

bike performance exhausts photoAaron, Service Manager:
Manufacturers spend a lot of money producing performance machines like the Fireblade and GSX-R1000 and have to then meet emission laws and power restrictions. If you want to change the exhaust for whatever reason there is a big price difference between a cheap chinese one and a top end race can. This difference doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see a massive benefit straight away from the top end cans. You would most probably want to look into getting the engine remapped and think about the things Jim mentions to improve performance.

So, there you have it. It’s not all hot air. If you are going on the track then a new exhaust needs a bit more thought and planning to get the desired level of performance. However, if you are a commuter, new rider or just a noise nut then a loud end can will certainly get you noticed on the road – for whatever reason you choose to give 😉

We can supply and fit a wide range of aftermarket products. If you have any questions about the different exhaust systems and aftermarket end cans please feel free to call us and we’d be happy to help.