Bob’s Review: July 19th 2017

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As part of a wider program to bring in different perspectives and news from the industry we sought the help and advice of customer and journalist Bob Pickett. Bob’s been writing for publications including Motor Cycle Monthly, Motorcycle Sport & Leisure, UBG and RiDE magazine for a while now and he’s agreed to write a few interesting tidbits from the wider motorcycling World.

Burt Munro’s great-nephew sets new speed record

Lee Munro – great-nephew of  Burt Munro of “World’s Fastest Indian” fame – set a new speed record for the 1350cc ‘Modified Partial Streamliner – Gas’ class of bikes at the El Mirage area in California, with a top speed of 186.861mph

Munro and his support team are in the US in preparation for Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats, where his great-uncle famously set – at the age of 68 – the under-1000cc land speed record on August 26 1967 on his streamlined 47-year-old Indian motorbike.

“Indian Motorcycle Company thought it would be a good idea to celebrate that achievement, so that’s what’s brought us over here.  Everybody’s been coming up to me and they associate me with Burt and what he accomplished on his Indian, and it’s quite a special feeling.  I’m very, very proud to be able to carry the name.”

JOR: well, if you are more suited to the racetrack than the salt flats to get your speed kicks check out the Honda Sports Bike range and the Suzuki Sports Bike ranges

Australian study suggest “most accidents happen in ideal conditions”

An Australian study suggests most motorcycle accidents occur in ideal conditions.

Data from the Central Police Region showed a huge 96% of accidents involving motorcycles happened in clear conditions and 85% happened on a straight or ‘open curve’ road.  The study also found that 60% of accidents happened when rides were using their bikes for fun, as opposed to 21% being on their daily commute (so what were the other 19%?)

It would be interesting to see a comparison with UK figures, where it would be reasonable to suggest weather would be a much larger factor and commuter accidents should provide a higher percentage.

JOR: Modern bikes are packed with safety features like ABS braking, adjustable traction control (TC), adjustable power modes for more control in wet conditions and the new Honda Fireblade even allows you to control engine braking – although this is designed more for use on the track it could be beneficial in other conditions.