Biker Father’s Day Gifts For 2017

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Father’s Day is nearly here people, have you got the old man something he’d like yet? No, then we have some things to get things rolling. Fortunately, if you have a biking Dad then there is quite a bit you can get him beyond a pipe and slippers or a novelty golf toy for his desk/work bench. We’ve compiled a small selection of bits for him to enjoy on Sunday 18th 🙂

See something you like, but not the size? Call us directly and we’ll order it in for you. Plus, you have peace of mind that we can exchange goods face to face rather than having to send it back to an online retailer!!

1. Casual gear

Father’s day is about replacing some of his existing wardrobe and fashion choices for items a bit more ‘modern’ (or simply keeping him looking forever young!).

2. Luggage

We’re not talking suitcases here, but if he rides to work then a sporty rucksack is better than a tatty old ‘Head’ bag from the late 90’s he’s desperately clinging on to…

3. Biking accessories

Keep his pride and joy sparkling with this selection of products – practical but essential.

4. Boots

Protect that foot that used to come down hard on you if you stepped out of line with these babies!

5. Gloves

Work out a bit cheaper than boots, but still always welcome gifts for the man who’s hands have shown you the way in the past.

If you have any questions about the items we stock then please feel free to give us a call on 01708 746293 – exchanges will be available as long as you have the invoice when you come in.

We also stock mobile phone holders and clamps for most bikes. Give us a call for more information on these too.