Bike Alarms and Trackers

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Prices from £85.00 for alarm fitting

With the prominance of motorcycle theft in the past couple of years we know how important it is to make your bike as secure as possible. After a good solid lock, chain and disc locks the next options of a tracker or alarm can seem to be a pricey step, here is the breakdown of our offerings to make it easy for you to choose the device suitable for you and your budget.

We offer fitting of Thatcham recognised Meta and Datatool alarms from £350 as well as some cheaper alternatives. If you just want a loud motion sensor alarm fitted that will go off when the bike is moved or even touched then we have just the thing.

All of the following bike alarms and trackers will let you or people near your bike know if it’s moved

Product Thatcham
(inc. fitting)
Oxford Screamer
Attack activated alarm disc lock
No £32.00
Bike It BikeTEK
Motion activated loud alarm with one key fob
No £85.00
Bike It BikeTEK
Motion activated loud alarm with two key fobs
No £95.00
Datatool TrakKING
GPS bike recovery system
Yes £320.00
Datatool System4 Red
Alarm and immobiliser
Yes £350.00
Meta 3570 V2
Alarm and immobiliser
Yes £350.00
RoadAngel Bike Trac
GPS bike recovery system
Yes £350.00

Both tracking system costs require a £99 per year subscription fee. All alarms/trackers are professionally fitted and concealed from sight.

Please call 01708 746293 or visit our workshop page for more information and booking.