An evening with Moto Gymkhana Essex

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On Friday a few of the John’s of Romford team from both shops spent the evening with the boys from Moto Gymkhana Essex down at the IMPs Academy in Beckton. Not knowing too much about the riding discipline that has been growing in popularity in Europe recently, we went ready to learn.

Loads of fun and would recommend anyone to get involved!

The Moto Gymkhana Essex (MGE) riders are a great bunch of blokes who were very welcoming and patient in their tuition. Some of us newbies to the sport were naturals, some not so, however the MGE guys taught and displayed the skills necessary for negotiating the field of coloured cones laid out in the practise area.

Moto Gymkhana Essex chase down
Moto Gymkhana Essex CB500F/GROM chase down

They had three courses marked out for us that night. The first was a simple ‘L’ shape of three cones that allowed riders to learn how to handle their machine at tight angles doing a slightly skewed figure of eight for three reps before exiting the course.

Moto Gymkhana Essex Honda MSX125
Moto Gymkhana: Honda MSX125 (aka The GROM)

The second was a series of fast paced straights with tight turns at the end before finishing on a swift slalom. Finally, there was a more advanced course with a tight offset slalom, followed by some close turning twice around single cones before a straight slalom to finish.

There was a course there for all type of riders. Personally, I spent more time learning how to keep the turns on full lock while staying off the clutch on the first ‘L’ shaped setup. A couple of others tackled the faster course and the advanced riders moved on to mastering the third course.

Moto Gymkhana Essex Honda Hornet
Moto Gymkhana: Honda Hornet

There were some very pleasantly surprised riders from our mob and we certainly got a buzz out of it with a few committed to coming down again and persuading our friends and colleagues to come along next time.

The bikes on show were: Honda MSX125 (2014), Honda CB500F (2015), Honda Hornet 600S (2003), Suzuki Bandit 400 (1994 ish) and a BMW 1200SP. A+++ entertainment for a bright summer evening with the Moto Gymkhana Essex club it was loads of fun and would recommend anyone to get involved!

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