5 Reasons That First Service Is So Important

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When you pick up a new motorcycle, scooter, car or bicycle you’ll most likely be told that there’s a first service due after a period of time or distance. It’s an important time for your new wheels as it allows the engine and other moving parts to bed in and it’s outlined by the manufacturer purely so there are fewer reasons for you to need to go into a dealership between services.

With any new Honda or Suzuki they recommend you book in for a service at 600 miles. During this time, we recommend a rider doesn’t exceed 50 mph or over rev the engine (rev range will depend on the bike). Generally just being easy during acceleration and braking will keep thing running smoothly at this point in your bike’s life.

Before any bike leaves our showroom it has a pre-delivery inspection (P.D.I.). This means the bike has been checked over by us after it has left the factory. The time from leaving the showroom to the first service is a settling in period for all the components from brakes and transmission to tyre pressures and lever play.

Here are the important things we do to make sure you can continue to enjoy your brand new motorcycle or scooter:

Engine oil
The oil a bike leaves the factory with is called “running in oil”. This oil different to the 10w40 or 10w30 you put in it yourself and ensures that the moving engine surfaces (pistons etc) get an all important initial coating in oil. Changing this oil means any small pieces of metal (known as swarf or burrs) that are in every engine from manufacture are removed and washed away during the first service. Getting these tiny fragments of metal removed reduces any chance of damage to your engine over an extended period.

When a bike is set up, the cables are adjusted to the manufacturer’s guidelines. When you use new cables some stretching will naturally occur, which means there will be a level of “play” by your 600 mile service. “Play” is where clutch levers and throttles have a little more movement in them than they should. During a service these are readjusted back to the guidelines. The stretching of cables happens more on new cables and therefore it is an important step in the first service.

Maintenance: lube and adjust your chainDrive
Like the cables, if your bike is chain driven it will be adjusted to guidelines before it leaves us. The chain will also stretch a little from new and will need readjusting at the first service. Keeping the right tension in the chain means less wear on it and the sprockets; which leads to a longer lifespan of these components. Also, we can advise if you need to lube the chain more regularly.

The above points are all important, but keeping your scooter or bike regularly serviced means you keep your manufacturer’s warranty in place should anything go wrong due to no fault of your own. The first service is the first stamp in your warranty and service book so is perhaps the most important one!

Finally, the first service shouldn’t be too long after you rode your shiny new bike away from our dealership and perhaps it was the last time you spoke to us about your new purchase. Coming back for your first service after only 600 miles means you get the opportunity to ask us those important questions about the functions or maintenance that have come up while you’ve been riding.

Above all else you want to look after the thing you’ve just spent all that hard earned money on… don’t you?

To book any service on your bike please call one of our workshops.