2017 GSX-R1000 L7 Launch

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It turned out to be a successful day for the Bennetts team in the with Richard Cooper chalking up the first win for the newly unveiled Suzuki GSX-R1000 on THE DAY it was launched in the BSB Super Stock.

There was a proper buzz in the air on Sunday (2nd April 2017) as we opened the doors to the awaiting suitors for the new 2017 Gixxer. There were faces old and new down to see her in the metal. Even though it has been at the last few shows, we all know it’s hard to get space to sit on the various new machines amidst the throng of other punters eager to do the same. If you do get on, you can feel the eyes burning into your skin to get off to give them all a go… ok, maybe a bit extreme, but you get the picture.

These launch days allow folks to sit on, spend time talking about and admiring the latest super bike from Suzuki. We saw each and every category of rider on the day too – there were new riders, old posses, familiar faces, full on families on a day out and track demons there to soak up the atmosphere. They are days for like-minded individuals to talk about the thing they are passionate about. This one, didn’t disappoint and we’d like to thank all those that came down and made it worth opening on a Sunday for a change 😉

If you missed the day, we still have our demo on show and for more details please give us a call on 01708 754775

Here’s a quick overview of the day 🙂