10 Surprising Celebrities On Motorcycles

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Ok, this may be a cop-out in terms of a blog post, but we all know about the likes of Ewan McGregor, David Beckham and Tom Cruise being bikers. Did you also know that Magician David Blaine and Actor Ryan Reynolds also hold motorcycle licences? It got us thinking. Who are the most surprising celebrities on motorcycles?

Now, we’ll be honest Chuck Norris might ride a bike and he might not. We didn’t want to challenge the myth that he’s a 100% hard as nails bad-ass. Therefore in our eyes he obviously jumps a bike through flames every morning just to get his toast to the right shade of brown. No questions asked, right!

That said, some actors could be getting their bike licence to make sure they can be ‘more method’ when they play a rebel or another role. Other celebs will just have nothing better to do with their money or have been signed up as a brand’s poster idol. We’re looking at you David Beckham.

However, there is a raft of celebs out there that have a bike licence for some reason or another and we’ve compiled a list of the most surprising.

Most surprising celebrities on motorcycles

(1). Michael Jackson (Pic via twitter.com)


Before he became a Thriller himself, Michael may have ridden a Honda CB350 four to get his kicks. The Jackson 5 may have all been riders back in the day judging by the bikes in the pics below including the Honda Monkey bike!


(2). Pink (Pic via wordpress.com)


Originally posing on different bikes for photo shoots etc, Pink has been on two wheels for some time now having been spotted on Harley and Triumph machines. This shot was apparently taken in 2008 when she’d go out with her husband on ride outs.

(3). Christian Bale (Pic via mbike.com)


He’s been on the Bat Bike, been seen on a Honda CRF and a Honda CBR600RR. So we know that the American Psycho star likes his bikes. As Batman you  can imagine Christian Bale to be one of our celebrities who ride bikes, but did he do his own stunts when the bike rolls on it’s axle?

(4). Jay Leno (Pic via mbike.com)


He is a well known car lover and petrol head, but did you know he is also a complete bike nut? Having owned the likes of a Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Kawasaki H2R he has an impressive collection of classic bikes including Brough Superiors and BSA machines!

(5). Aaron Paul (Pic via mbike.com)


Breaking Bad was a huge hit a few years back, but there are articles out there stating that this motorcycle riding celeb also does his own car stunts in his films (like Need For Speed) so it figures that he’s into biking too!

(6). Steve Jobs (Pic via mbike.com)


The Apple guru that brought us beautifully designed gadgets was also well known to be a big, big, fan of BMW classic bikes because of their classic designs, which are said to have influenced the Apple approach to their own product design.

(7). Hugh Laurie (Pic via mbike.com)


When the House actor finishes up for the day at surgery, he has been spotted riding his Triumph through the Hollywood Hills. Any good courier will tell you it’s the quickest way to make House-calls!

(8). Bob Dylan (Pic via Angelfire.com)


There are a few photos of Bob Dylan riding from the 60s/70s. It’s hard to imagine this folk rock legend zipping about on a bike when you look at him these days, but then he did do the James Dean role quite well back in the day.

(9). Usher (Pic via mbike.com)


Yeah! U got it bad (for biking). Usher swaps the mic for his motorcycle on the weekends, but we’re not too sure about the level of protection a suit and salad bowl provides. Then again it must be hot for celebrities on motorcycles when you live in LA. we suppose!

(10). Justin Timberlake (Pic via mbike.com)


Yet another West Coast inhabitant in a salad bowl. The amount of chrome obviously matches his shining personality as there are photographers lining up to take a snap  😀

And finally in our celebrities on motorcycles list

PLUS: Princes Charles (Pic via mbike.com)


He’s known to have a thorough-bred or two, but the Prince of Wales’ looks much better with this type of horsepower, even if he’s just posing. We can’t confirm he rides, but he should definitely do his DAS (Direct Access) soon and be a Prince of the people!